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Webinar Forums - FREE TO MEMBERS

Accounting and Auditing Forum
The Accounting & Auditing Forum Webinar meets on the first Wednesday of every third month. Facilitated by sponsor accounting firms with regular guest presentations. Past forum webinars can be found in MemberLINK.

Collectors' Forum  
The Collectors' Forum meets on the fourth Wednesday of every third month. Facilitated by Doug Stein with regular guest presentations from BC Assessment and Ministry of Finance. Past forum webinars can be found in MemberLINK.

Investors' Forum
The Investors' Forum Webinar, sponsored by the MFA, meets the third Tuesday of every third month. Facilitated by Shelley Hahn with regular guest presentations on the current investment market. Past forum webinars can be found in MemberLINK.

12 Month Taxation and Assessment Webinar 
Are you responsible for the property taxation function in your municipality? This monthly webinar series covers the material presented at the GFOA Boot Camp over a one year period on a monthly basis. 

Occurs every third Wednesday of the month, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

The 12-month series begins in February and August each year. Recordings will be provided for late registrations. 

Property Tax 101 - 3 Webinar Series
Property taxes are the primary source of tax revenue for local governments. They provide the necessary funding to build and maintain roads, bike paths, trails and recreation facilities. In this informal and interactive workshop, participants will learn about the taxation process including assessments, collections, home owner grants and tax deferment. Participants will be given the information that they need to confidently and effectively answer questions from taxpayers.

Annual Municipal Tax Sale - 3 Webinar Series
Occurs annually in September
Tax Sale is the ultimate tax collection tool. Selling a person's property at Tax Sale is a big responsibility and includes an element of risk to the municipality. If you have to do it, you need the procedural and legal pitfalls to do it correctly. This webinar has been updated to reflect recent court cases.

Procurement Toolkit & 4 Webinar Series
LGMA and GFOABC have partnered to provide support for senior administrators who are responsible for managing their local government’s procurement practices. In response to the recommendations for capital and operational procurement from the Auditor General for Local Government, a Procurement Toolkit, First Edition 2016, has been created to provide practical tools such as sample bylaws, policies, forms and procedures to assist local governments in their procurement practices. The Procurement Toolkit is available with the purchase of at least one of the four webinars.


  1. Policy, Laws and Trade Agreements
  2. Procurement Procedures and Models
  3. Performance Measurement and Contracting for Professional Services
  4. The Nuances of Construction

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