Government Finance Officers
Association of British Columbia

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Course Objectives:

User fees represent an opportunity for your municipality to attain real autonomy in addressing particular issues in your community.  They have become a vital source of revenue to BC local governments overall.  While user fees are generally applied in keeping with the principles of cost recovery, there remain issues regarding the types of costs targeted for recovery which need to be addressed. 

Through a case study example, the group will participate in planning user fees and establishing process maps for user fees. 

Who Should Attend:

This session is designed for key staff in all departments who provide important data and insights that support the setting and management of user fees.

•          Managers and Directors of Finance                           

•          Managers and Directors of all Service Departments 

•          Elected Officials


Benefits of attending:

Participants will gain:

•    An overview of the types of user fees, how they impact your services

•    Review of the legislative authorities

•    How to price services; activity based costing, calculating indirect costs

•    Working with all departments to gather and analyze user fee data

•    How to set policies for user rates

•    Managing the long-term impact of user fee rate increases

•    Advantages and disadvantages of user fees

•    Communicating user fees to council and outlining the impact they are having

Partiipants will leave this workshop with useful reference materials and templates that can be used to assist you in setting and analyzing user fees. 

Dates offered:

April 2017, Vernon 

November 2016, Vancouver

December 2014, Vancouver

May 2014, Nanaimo