Government Finance Officers
Association of British Columbia

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Course Objectives:

Stakeholder management is a key skill needed by everyone. This has never been more true for local government finance officers. As the finance officer role continues to expand and evolve, so, too, does the requirement to interact effectively with a myriad of stakeholders on a variety of local government initiatives and activities. Obtaining an appropriate, yet effective, level of stakeholder participation, commitment and support is a vital step towards managing stakeholder relations.

This one day interactive session will have a “see and then do” approach whereby participants will be exposed to the Stakeholder Management Cycle. Participants will have the opportunity to apply SMC to a local government business case as we go through the five stages of the stakeholder management cycle.

Who Should Attend:

This full day workshop will be of interest to Finance leaders and their staff, as well as others who work in local government and are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of engaging and managing stakeholders effectively and appropriately.

Benefits of Attending:

Participants will gain an understanding of the five stages of the Stakeholder Management Cycle as well as Stakeholder Map, tactics to manage varied stakeholder types and categories, and the important art of asking a question. Using social media in stakeholder engagement will also be discussed. After completing the workshop, participants should be confident in developing and applying the five stages of the Stakeholder Management Cycle within their own local governments.

Dates Offered:

June 13th, 2017