Government Finance Officers
Association of British Columbia

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Course Objectives:

This course takes finance officers through all aspects of the year-end process to demonstrate opportunities to save time and reduce risk of errors through optimized processes and full utilization of all available technology.  Participants will explore several different products from CaseWare International as well as some add-on products developed specifically with governmental users in mind. 

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for existing CaseWare users looking to identify opportunities to improve their use of Working Papers and increase the automation. You should attend if you: 

  • suspect that you are only scratching the surface of what Working Papers can do,
  • have been using Working Papers for years with few changes in your approach,
  • have not seen dramatic reduction in time spent during year or quarter end processes in the last several years
  • dread your painful year-end process,
  • want to see what tools are available for addressing quarterly and variance reporting

Benefits of Attending:

Participants will obtain detailed, hands-on training in the best practices and associated technologies that guarantee a faster more efficient year-end, quarter-end or special reporting project. 

Topics covered: 

1.         Built in features of Working Papers you should start using

a.         Placeholders

b.         Filters

c.         Tags

d.         Issues

e.         Milestones, Compare, Auto-Compare

f.          Automatic CaseView rounding

g.         Recurring adjusting entries

h.         Monthly and quarterly imports of your financial data

2.         Advanced Documentation

a.         Highlight significant variances in your file

b.         Segmented lead sheets

c.         Different balance types and Other Basis Adjustments

d.         Import external working papers

e.         Eliminating input cells AND complicated formulas

3.         Making Working Papers do the “impossible”

a.         Automate tracking and chasing year-end supporting documents

b.         Create your own CaseView reports and tools

c.         Managing multiple Working Papers files at once

d.         Everyone in Working Papers – why it’s not just for the Finance department 

Technical requirements: 

Participants will be working hands-on with CaseWare Working Papers, and are expected to bring a laptop with a licensed copy of the software installed. If you wish to participate but do not have Working Papers installed on your laptop, please contact us and we will send to a time-limited demonstration installation of the program to be used on the day of the workshop. 

Dates offered:

May 2015, Penticton

May 2014, Nanaimo