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As knowledge workers in an urgency-driven work environment, our attention is pulled in many directions. We face digital distraction and decision-fatigue every day. With so much competing for our brainpower, we are often overwhelmed with the demands and distractions we face at work, as well as the spill-over effect into our personal lives. It is, therefore, crucial to have productive habits and a practical tool-kit to ensure we can do satisfying and impactful work.

If you feel busy all day but don’t always feel like you got the highest priority and most impactful work done then join Barbara Green, President of Think Productive North America, for Gain Control of your Day. During this engaging and highly-interactive session Barbara will share insights and techniques to help you:

  • protect your valuable and limited attention & focus from the distractions of your daily life;
  • gain an appreciation of how small changes in habits can lead to significant gains; and
  • overcome the bad habits that are killing your productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to overcome information overload by managing attention, rather than time.

Performance Outcomes:

  • Generate awareness of multi-tasking habits and how they harm productivity.
  • Figure out your own personal requirements for doing deep ‘focus' work.


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