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Local government finance professionals are required to have excellent technical skills to get you to where you are now in your professional career. But if you are to progress to the next level in your career or to be a more effective leader, what will that require?

There is more than 30 years of research on emotional intelligence (EI), otherwise known as emotional quotient (EQ). Yale University has a Centre for the Study of EI. Google, Nike, Amazon, and Microsoft base their leadership development programs on one specific model of EI. And the World Economic Forum has identified EI as a top employment skill for 2020. And yet, the concept of EI or EQ remains poorly understood by many.

What exactly is EI and/or EQ, and why is it so important for professionals who work with numbers? Join David Cory, coach and leadership development specialist, as he shares with you what you need to know as someone who works in government finance.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain what we mean by emotional intelligence
  2. Discover how it can help government finance professionals be better leaders and progress in their careers to the next level
  3. Describe one of the world’s leading models of emotional intelligence 
  4. Take away 5 Keys for Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies


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