Government Finance Officers
Association of British Columbia

Session Description:

Local governments around the globe are undergoing a digital transformation as data and technology is increasingly used to analyze, monitor and optimize the systems that underpin the environmental, economic and social sustainability of their communities. To support this transformation, the Government of Canada launched the ‘Smart Cities Challenge’ in 2017, committing in excess of $75 million dollars of funding to selected community projects that use data and connected technology to improve the lives of their citizens. The Government of British Columbia followed suit in 2018 launching the ‘Smart Communities’ pilot program providing in excess of $100 thousand dollars to encourage communities across BC to adopt smart community technologies and innovation. In this session, panelists from the City of Nelson, City of Surrey, and South Island Prosperity Project will each explore the smart cities projects submitted under these funding schemes and how they propose to leverage this funding for their respective communities. This panel session will be highly interactive, delegates will have the opportunity to join the conversation. 

Moderator: Enid Slack, Director of the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance 


Colin McClure

Chief Finance Officer

City of Nelson

Sean Simpson

Director, IT

City of Surrey

Dallas Gislason

Director Economic Development

South Island Prosperity Partnership